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Joint Statement
by Mr. de Rato & Mr. Wolfensohn
What is Bretton Woods?

Setting the Pace

The Inaugural Meeting of the Boards of Governors was held at the General Oglethorpe Hotel in Savannah, Georgia, in March 1946. The Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group normally meet once a year to discuss the work of their respective institutions.
When the meeting opened in Savannah, many of the same people who had participated at Bretton Woods returned to begin the work of the Fund and the Bank. Subsequently, several of the delegates went on to work in the new organizations.

Locations of Annual Meetings outside of Washington, D.C.
1947    London
1950    Paris
1952    Mexico City
1955    Istanbul
1958    New Delhi
1961    Vienna
1964    Tokyo
1967    Rio de Janeiro
1970    Copenhagen
1973    Nairobi
1976    Manila
1979    Belgrade
1982    Toronto
1985    Seoul
1988    Berlin
1991    Bangkok
1994    Madrid
1997    Hong Kong
2000    Prague
2003    Dubai
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