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Joint Statement
by Mr. de Rato & Mr. Wolfensohn
What is Bretton Woods?

Toward the Future

From Bretton Woods came a framework for economic cooperation and development that has stood the test of time. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group continue to work for a strong and prosperous global economy that benefits all the world's citizens.
Today, the two organizations pursue their complementary missions, working with a nearly universal membership. The IMF focuses on the stability of the international financial system, while the World Bank concentrates on long-term economic development and poverty reduction.
Over the last six decades, the global economy has become far more integrated. While some may argue that the organizations have drifted away from their original mandates, the urgent challenges of today call for continual renewal of the spirit of Bretton Woods. In a changing world, international economic cooperation remains crucial for future peace and prosperity.
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